Asian countries are naturally blessed with the abundance of palm. Palmyra palm tree for example, is the unique type of plant which delicately pleasures the tongues of the natives living in the country with its special jaggery. The word 'Jaggery' is derived from the word "Sugar" which basically resembles the primary product of Palmyra palm. Every season of January to June, the inflorescence of female palm trees (cluster of tiny immature fruits) is gradually tapped and the dripping sweet sap is collected every 24 hours . The extracted sweet sap or commonly known as Toddy is harvested and processed together with the jaggery or palm sugar which is later used as a natural food sweetener and could also be consumed as a drink. Because it's a new source of alternative sweetener, the locals are giving much attention to this product. The sweet sap could be heated and the concentrated liquid is poured into wooden cast and left to solidify into palm sugar blocks.
It is commonly found in India, Sri Lanka and south-east Asia and basically grows in the wild from Persian gulf to Cambodian islands. This extraordinary tree (Asian Palmyra Palm (tnaôt) is proclaimed as the national tree and heritage symbol of Cambodia and is growing near the globally known temple of Angkor Wat.

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