Rat traps made from scraps at no cost!

This economical mouse trap is created using scraps, everyday items, and skills. This trap is made using PVC pipes, wooden sticks, wood chips, twigs, string, a pair of tweezers, lighter, soft drink plastic bottle bottom, In the first part, a PVC pipe is used, with two holes and a slot to put in a wooden chip shaped as an oar to slide into that slot, the other end of the pipe is closed using the bottom part of soft drink bottle. In the second part, a flexible bark of a bamboo shoot is fixed to one end of the pipe while a piece of a string is tied to the other end followed by an inch or so of a piece of stick. The other end of the stick is tied to a small piece of string which holds the wooden chip shaped like an oar. These parts are assembled to make a trap, a bait is kept in the pipe, upon entering the mouse gets trapped. This invention is surely simple and inexpensive.

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