How to make Robotic Dog from Cardboard

Give life to the dog with just one click?!

Yes! HACK ROOM provides you with the interesting DIY ideas that transform the household cardboard in to a lively dog! With your available household materials make your own 21st century robotic toy friend. What are you waiting for? Follow up with the simple instructions and take your dog for a walk!

HACK ROOM provides simple DIY projects that inspires everyone .simple projects,DIY’s,life hacks and much more with materials you have. start your project now and see for yourself the transformation of the things of 21st century that you thought that would be a waste.Start your project now and use cardboards to make incredible toys .

Take a piece of cardboard and make three circles of different measures,cut it out,make holw in the centre of three circles and insert them to a skewer stick.make two more in similar way.take another piece of cardboard and divide it in to two.make three holes in the first piece and with other piece, divide it in to place the small one to the side of the cardboard with holes and take the three skewer sticks,insert it in to the holes in the cardboard,connecting all the three with a rubber band.attach another piece of similar kind for support.with the help of ice cream stick.make the leg of the dog by making holes in the stick and attaching small pieces to it. Fix head and tail to this,along with battery and switch.turn the switch to see your robotic dog work.

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