Building a shower tank may not be your day to day job but it surely is a fun one. The step for building a shower tank whether it is during camping or for fun in your backyard is given below:
At first find a suitable place for building the shower tank. After that, take four strong and slender woods and place them in holes you dug on earth which form four ends of rectangle (these are the pillars) and fill up the hole for strong foundation. Take four small pieces of wood to bind those four pillars and keep them a little above half the height of pillars forming the outline of rectangle and after that, attach two woods in crossed-shape each on four sides. Then, use other four wood pieces making the rectangle on the topmost part for height of tank. A frame for the tank has been created. Now we need some bamboos. Split the bamboos into two concave halves and use the pieces for making the floor and walls of the tank. While making the walls and floors, the cut bamboo can also be used as the support for inserting bamboo pieces for walls and floors. Just tie the split bamboo along the outline of the frame with some space and then insert other pieces between them in those spaces. Remember to leave a hole big enough to insert a bamboo as a pipe at bottom of the tank. Then, take a long hollow bamboo and create a hole on one side of the bamboo for water. Insert it in the water tank. This is the pipe for the water tank shower. You can use another bamboo for support if it is too long. You can use clay as a sealing agent on the voids. Just use some hot water on soil and mix it thoroughly to make a good thick paste and pour it on the floor of the tank and also use it to plaster the walls from the inside of the tank. For the shower-head take a section of the bamboo stem and cut it on two sides. Pierce some holes using piercing tools to give it the use as a shower. And then, insert it in such a way that the shower-head coincides with the hole in the pipe. You can use a long wooden piece without holes as a plug. Just insert it through the front of the pipe and the thing you need to know is that, it should be long enough to reach beyond the point of shower-head. Voila! Your shower tank is ready. Fill the tank with water, remove the plug and then enjoy the shower in your camp site.
For video description on how to build a Shower Tank:

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