Having a syringe with you then tell me that you have a water pump in your hand.yes! Its that’s simple to make waterpump with EASY HOMEMADE PROJECTS.

Techno Projects made easy with EASY HOMEMADE PROJECTS that gives you more idea about DIY’s, miniature realistic models and much more fun filled activities. It requires only simple materials that are easily available. In this you will come to know that a syringe can turn into an admirable water pump that decorates your showcase or your computer table. Just follow simple instructions to own your water pump that recycles its water without the need of a motor!

Take a 60ml syringe and mark its outline in a foam valve and cut it out. Rub it on a iron strip and place it inside the syringe by cutting the latter part of the syringe diagonally remove this part from the syringe. Cut out the end portion from the other syringe also. Take a copper tube and make holes in it accordingly. Fix it with the cut out of the syringe with holes measure the width of the syringe using an iron strip, make holes and fix it using bolts. Make a hole in the 60ml syringe so as to fix the 5ml syringe. Place another copper tube outside diagonally. Make holes in the plastic box lid and fix the syringe and another porous box. Fill the plastic box with water. On the first time of use fill the syringe inside also. Now you can pump water as many times as you want as the water will be recycled

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