Need more fun? Vacation is boring? Want to have interesting and creative enjoyment with your friends? Then MINI GEAR is here with lots and lots of fun loaded DIY’s and projects that will make you more excited.

MINI GEAR helps you out with simple techniques that are made easy to follow to make your own toy set! Left out with cardboard and don’t know what to do with that? See how your cardboard are turned out to be a marble machine with simple easy methods. Yes now get with the required materials and start with your Marble run machine!

Take a card board sheet and roll it. Cut two circles, make holes and fix them to either side of the cylindrical structure take a cardboard strip and twine it on this cylindrical structure. Take another cardboard piece cut two triangles from it and join them. Fix the cylindrical structure on the triangle. Place the triangle on another cardboard piece. Place two pieces on either side of the cylinder. On top of the cylinder place the DC motor. Attach structures to the cardboard for the movement of the marble. Cut a circle and place another motor on the backside of it along with battery and speed controller. Connect this with the other motor along with key. Make another cylindrical structure with discs for the movement of the marble. Make the tracks.Now,your big marble run machine is ready to play if you turn on the switch with marbles filled in it!

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